Would your business benefit from language, cultural and communication support from a Chinese native speaker on a short term basis?

While many businesses in the North East are looking to enter or expand into the Chinese market, permanently recruiting a Chinese speaker to support communication or plan a culturally appropriate approach to China operations will present costs and commitment that are difficult to quantify in the short term. Businesses generally resolve any barriers on an ad-hoc basis and rely on their counterparts in China to speak English. This is often a very unsatisfactory way of doing business in that country, fraught with risks and misunderstandings.

To address these challenges, China Talk has launched a new service bringing together local businesses, professions and organisations with Chinese Masters Degree students registered at the universities in the North East. This opportunity would suit businesses entering the China market and those with already established trading links but without their own Chinese backup. The service allows Chinese nationals to work under their existing visa conditions for a 3 month or shorter placement, typically from September to December or possibly earlier, allowing you to:

  • Trial how working with an English speaking Chinese member of staff will benefit your business
  • Review or put in place your Chinese communications and literature
  • Handle phone calls and e mails with China in Chinese
  • Assist with marketing campaigns including using social media, a vital element in China today
  • Contribute equally vital cultural advice towards your day to day dealings with the market and assisting in the formation of your business strategy.
  • Any other relevant work which fits their skill set and your requirements.

In return, it is anticipated that the student would receive the minimum wage for work performed, although any training/shadowing in the workplace would have the option to be unpaid if it gave the student an insight into business and management working methods and style.

This is a proven low cost, low risk system which is working well in other parts of the country and internationally with demonstrable benefits for participating businesses, professions and organisations.

China Talk will discuss your needs and present candidates for you to select. We will also use our training expertise to prepare and support students in the UK workplace so you and they can get the most out of the experience.

For further information, discussion or queries, you can contact us on 07890 871592 or e mail liz.smedley@chinatalk.co.uk