Language and Culture Training

Relying on the very competent English speaking skills of Chinese associates seems an easy way forward. But getting to know people is much more effective if you have invested your own time in learning about Chinese etiquette with at least a few words of well pronounced Chinese to communicate your sincerity.

Language and culture training is our core business. This is where we started, learning to deliver great courses with the right amount of content using entertaining and memorable teaching methods.  We deliver both one day workshops and ongoing lessons.

Words, phrases and cultural tips are blended together to reflect a context that any foreign business person is likely to encounter in China. Content can also be developed to suit the context of your business. Typical workshops include:
–  Learning greetings, introductions and other basic phrases, with methods to recall them so that the language can be used immediately with good pronunciation.
–  Increased awareness of Chinese etiquette and accepted cultural traditions which are likely to be encountered.
–  Advice on opening conversations over dinner which can help your business relationships to flourish.

Training can be delivered in different contexts and locations. We led activities at the highly successful UKTI North East Chinese New Year dinner 2015 on Newcastle’s Stowell Street. Delegates learnt key phrases and texted them to Chinese associates as part of a lively competition between tables. Feedback was 100% positive.