China Talk provides a range of services for businesses and schools to learn about and operate successfully in China.

For businesses:
– Culture & language training
– Translations
– Support for China business

For schools:
– China Days (KS1 to KS4)
– Download classroom resources

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Our objective is to ensure that UK companies and communities make the most of the opportunities presented by China’s return to the world stage as a significant economic and cultural player. Our activities give a relevant and realistic view of China, enabling our customers to confidently communicate with Chinese associates both now and in the future.


Internet users browsing in Chinese, November 2015.


Internet users browsing in English, November 2015


China's population with internet access in 2015.

Text message in Chinese characters

Business relationships really matter.  Greet your Chinese hosts or guests in well pronounced Mandarin while observing simple cultural traditions to show that you are serious about getting to know them.

Learn to count using Chinese character cards

China Talk delivers workshops across nursery, primary and secondary schools.  The emphasis at all levels is on inspiring fascination while developing practical knowledge relevant to today’s world.

Liz Smedley on the Bund in Shanghai

Founder Liz Smedley began learning Chinese as an undergraduate and over the last 20 years has built experience across different sectors with companies importing and exporting from China. Read more