Liz Smedley on the Bund in Shanghai


Very motivating and captivating.

The teaching method delivered full group participation and there was flexibility in the pace of learning based on ability. Course content was balanced and tailored to the business. We are all inspired!”

Jo Leggatt
Procurement Manager,
Icon Live Ltd


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I admire Liz’s loyalty to work and believe she is one of the most respectable colleagues in my career.

I am proud to have worked with Liz.  She has a special ability to communicate among different people and countries, with very good understanding of Eastern culture, and uses this advantage to push projects forward smoothly.  Liz is a person good at message management, she knows how to collect information and impact relevant parties effectively.  She is also a professional communicator, able to listen to Chinese counterparts and express new concepts to them to make changes.  I admire Liz’s loyalty to work and believe she is one of the most respectable colleagues in my career.

John Qin

Regional Manager for China, Ethical Tea Partnership

Great training session with @ChinaTalk_88 today! Feeling skilled.

Ni hao ma?

Hannah Hartley

Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art

Liz has been absolutely wonderful and an essential part of our planning for the trip. Liz delivered an outstanding service, even going above and beyond and assisting in a crisis when she was at Lightwater Valley and not working that particular day. A true professional. We will absolutely call upon Liz in the future and be recommending her services.

Michelle Oliver

Corporate Communications Manager, Biochemica

Liz’s Chinese workshops were an excellent addition to our Flexible Learning Event: not only were the sessions specifically planned to meet the needs of the various age groups, but their hands on, practical design allowed all involved to appreciate the Chinese Culture in a creative way. Students left the sessions excited by their experience and I would highly recommend for other students to learn about the Chinese Culture in this way.

Mrs R Ripley

Head of Citizenship, Sedgefield Community College

I would not hesitate to recommend this as a day well spent to anyone thinking of travelling to China for business or otherwise.

Liz Smedley’s one day introductory course to Mandarin is well thought out and an excellently delivered program that has a perfect balance of language learning and exposure to culture for those who have little or no experience of China.  The relaxed but informative and often light hearted day was thoroughly enjoyable for start to finish with basic and easily learned but extremely valuable language skills.

Andy Hatton

Global Anodes

Liz created just the right atmosphere for a group of adults to overcome their natural inhibitions to have a try and say something in another language without feeling embarrassed. She made it practical and fun so that everyone could join in.

By the end of the session we felt that we were given some good tools and techniques so that we could practice what we had learnt and felt encouraged to go on and learn some more.

Richard Sice

Going Global Skills

The introduction to Mandarin session was excellent, very hands on visual and aural. The presenter was really helpful and knowledgeable about China and the way of life. Being able to now count to 100 in Mandarin was a bonus. I would recommend this course to others.

Mike Carter

Tyn Can Learning