Writing and Artwork

School children can be really delighted to write or paint Chinese characters.  Business clients are equally impressed when shown how to send a text message in Chinese.

Chinese will very soon be the most used language on the internet.  And we would like to support more of us in the UK to learn to recognise some characters and overcome the impression that ‘it’s all Chinese to me’!

These files are designed primarily to support China activities organised by class teachers.  If you would like to know more about our school workshops, please click here or call us on 01740 656939

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Thank you
Numbers 1 – 10
My name is…

Take a look at the photo of a traditional Chinese house door shown above, which has been decorated for Chinese new year.  On the doors in a diamond shape is the character ‘fu‘ (2nd tone) meaning happiness and good luck.  Around the door is a Spring Couplet or ‘Chunlian‘ (1st tone-2nd tone) to bring good luck at Chinese new year.

The 2 files below will enable you to decorate your classroom door or a noticeboard in the same way.  For best effect, print them out on red A4 paper and pupils can paint the characters using yellow paint and gold glitter. Page numbers and instructions in the Spring Couplet file will help you get the correct order.  For an authentic finish, you can also add your own gold patterned border around the edge of each block.

Good luck character in diamond   Spring Couplet