Bowl spoon and chopsticks

As a British business, would you buy from a sales person who pitched their product to you in Chinese?

Have you ever asked a question to a Chinese colleague and got an answer that at first seems unrelated to your intended point?

Language, culture and local strategy are crucial to success when dealing with China.  There is a wide margin for misunderstanding on both sides because our commercial and cultural frameworks operate differently. Email us to see how we can help.

The April 2015 Living Languages Report estimates that a lack of language skills generally costs the UK economy 3.5% of GDP every year – that’s around £48 billion. China Talk workshops and courses will introduce Mandarin and aspects of Chinese culture that are often encountered in a business context using the insights of how China looks from a European perspective.  Our content is relevant while an interactive and practical training style make each session memorable and fun.

We can also support your business more directly by providing input to your strategic discussions, helping you host a visit from your Chinese colleagues or accompanying you on a market visit.  China Talk understands the customer service expectations of a British client and will ensure that you also learn about language and culture relevant to your business while we deliver the task.

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“I admire Liz’s loyalty to work and believe she is one of the most respectable colleagues in my career.

I am proud to have worked with Liz.  She has a special ability to communicate among different people and countries, with very good understanding of Eastern culture, and uses this advantage to push projects forward smoothly.  Liz is a person good at message management, she knows how to collect information and impact relevant parties effectively.  She is also a professional communicator, able to listen to Chinese counterparts and express new concepts to them to make changes.” 

John Qin, Regional Manager for China Ethical Tea Partnership