Community Groups

It’s never too early or too late to learn more about China. Setting up an event around Chinese cultural activities is great fun and an ideal way to better understand Mandarin and Chinese culture. We make China accessible by drawing meaningful comparisons with our own culture in the UK.

If you run a community group in and around Durham and Teesside, and would like to set up an activity around China, then please get in touch.

All speaker fees are donated to Cancer Research UK

Our presentations and workshops are adaptable to evening or daytime social group meetings.  We have worked with a playgroup, Rainbows, Brownies, the Women’s Institute and Rotary Club.  Some examples of activities are:
–  An introduction to Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture
–  Using chopsticks and table etiquette
–  Making (and eating) dumplings
–  China quiz
–  Festivals
–  Artwork for displays